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  1. I have autoshipment of NOV-10inOneChew, but I have 3 bottles now. I need temporary hold the shipment. Please contact me at 908-247-8764, so that I can get this auto shipment on hold or cancel. Thank you

  2. Is it alright to take more than 2 gummies a day? I wondered, I am feeling really good but feel like I need may be a little extra.

    1. The recommended dosage is two a day however if you would like more than that each day you can take the bottle to your doctor and make sure that you are okay to take more than the recommended dosage.

  3. I would like to view more in depth information about the 10 in 1 formula. I am not interested in what it does for me or pretty packages at all. I am a salesman, and am not interested in talking to anyone that does not know the science of this product. I am an advocate reader on vitamin and mineral nutrition, You can say I have a passion for it. That being said, please point me to where I can read about exactly what is in this formula. I would like a list of the I.U. & grams of everything before I purchase or put it in my body. If I like what you truly have to offer, I will be a lifetime customer. Thanx :)

  4. We do sell MA+ Jeff. Call me anytime after 9:30 am Pacific Time to get the details!
    Michael Thompson (951-694-2919)

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