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Novus Era Business OpportunityFor those of you that want to learn about or join the Novus Era Business Opportunity just take the tour by hitting the underlined, take the tour text above or below. The different enrollment choices you have when joining as an Affiliate with Novus Era, are the ASP or ERA packs.

2 Ways to Get Started With the Novus Era Business Opportunity

  1. You may get started as an ASP (Affiliate Starter Pack) by ordering either two bottles of Meedots or one container of MA+IGP and the affiliate membership fee is included. This will also give you a marketing system complete with a lead capture page and includes follow up messages that help you get more customers.  Not to mention it also helps with prospect conversion. You get 4 well designed websites to help you build your business.  You’ll get this Lead Capture Site this Novus Era Affiliate Site this Retail Product Site and this fundraiser site all personalized to you.
  2.  Get started as an ERA (Elite Residual Advantage) gives you better pay by ordering an ERA Pack.  With the ERA Pack it doubles your earning potential in Fast Start, Perfect Binary, the 90-Day Jump Start incentives and to explain further you’ll get:
  • Double pay on your personal monthly orders within the first 90 days.
  • Double pay on monthly orders from your enrollment team, from day one.
  • You get a choice between 11 bottles of Meedots and 1 container of MA+IGP or 5 containers of MA+IGP and 1 bottle of Meedots. This will give you plenty of product for yourself, to sell at retail, and to give out samples to prospects.
  • Plus you’re getting the marketing (Lead Capture site) and the other 3 websites mentioned in the ASP pack above.

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Our Business-Presentation
Novus Era One Sheet Pay Plan Doc
Compensation Plan Vid – Part 1     Compensation Plan Vid – Part 2

The main backbone of the Novus Era pay plan is a 2×30 forced matrix and can be extended well beyond the 30 levels.

9 Elements of the Novus Era Compensation/Pay Plan

  1. We have a retail profit program that rocks.
  2. Personal recruiting bonus that pays 3 levels deep.
  3. 30 level fast start program that pays from $2 to $20 per person and depends on what you qualify for.
  4. 90 day jump start program which pays an extra $5 or $10 on every order after their first order.
  5. Product Matrix pay is monthly pay that pays up to 30 levels deep.
  6. Pay Points are wonderful and you get a pay point on everyone from your 3rd person on.
  7. Car Bonus, however you are not required to buy a car, pays those that qualify $200 to $800 per month.
  8. Rank Advancement bonuses* are a one time bonus that rewards you for advancing up the ranks.  The different bonuses are, $500, $1000, $2500, $7500 and $15000.
  9. Stellar Online Marketing System is available now!

The generous pay is just one of the ways our company stands well above the other home-based business opportunities.

Pay Points is just one segment of our Lifetime Rewards Pay Plan:  Pay Points give you multiple payouts on the same effort. Every time you enroll your third prospect, you’re awarded another earning center (Pay Point) that is placed directly above that third person you enroll. This continues to infinity. Each third enrollee triggers the insertion of another Pay Point. What this does for you is extend your business well beyond the 30-levels. You have access to the business activity 30-levels deep from each pay point!

The Novus Era Business Opportunity will reward you handsomely for doing the right activities which is building your Novus Era Business by having people take the tour on your online marketing system.

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  1. I am disappointed that I cannot take the tour of Novus Business plan because I live in Canada and there is no option for my province of British Columbia on the sign-up form to take the tour.

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