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Novus Era

Novus Era, is a product centric company that has a unique approach to whole person wellness and home based business. The New Era of you is about to begin. High quality Health & Wellness Products coupled with Home-Based Business of the Century.

Novus Era – USA, Canada and Mexico

Just Imagine a unique first of it’s kind health product that is highly consumable that people love.

We believe in our Meedots Balance product so much that Novus Era will pay anyone $100 if they can find a better product.  Ask me for the details on the $100 challenge.

There is no risk and I invite you to evaluate our stellar business system today by taking our Free Business Tour.

We Commit to Keeping the Novus Era Business Opportunity Fun and Stress Free

When you need more information on best way to get started with us check out my business opportunity blog post.

We believe in Whole Person Wellness and Empowering People Just Like You

After you Join Novus Era with us you will get a confirmation email which will have the specific web address to send your prospects to. We have weekly training and when you need more personalized help you can call me and I will be glad to help.

A very powerful online marketing system will be available to you that is designed to give us maximum leverage for long term residual income and lifetime rewards. Our business system has many more features than the typical funnel system. This new marketing system gives your prospects the perfect overview of our products and business opportunity.

Our Novus Era Home Office is Located in Fairfied California and is Owned and Operated By Globus Holdings

The Novus Era home office serves as an admin support team to the Advisory and Emerging Leadership Council, transferring the voice and direction to these two bodies.  The Company celebrates the hard work of the field leadership to inspire and drive the company to new levels of success in the industry.

Join With Novus Era Authorized Distributor – Michael Thompson (657) 215-1264)
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